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It's Time To Join The Property Revolution:
To Transform The Way Homes
Are Bought & Sold

"The Biggest Shake-Up To The World Of Estate Agency Is Finally Here. This LIVE Event Will Reveal ALL And Show You How To Profit From
The REAL Property Revolution"

Happening - Thursday 27th June 2024 @ 9:30am

It's Your Turn To Join The REAL Property Revolution...

Enter your details here to register for this LIVE event where we'll show you how to be part of the movement that's slashing the time to move home by months, not weeks!



  • Material Information Compliance - Done!

  • More Profit In Your Bank Account - Solved!

  • Conveyancing Bottlenecks - Removed!

  • Your Own Source Of Endless Leads - Revealed!

  • AND - we'll even pay YOU to use this unique system!

It's time to join the elite, underground property pros bringing long-overdue change to the British property market

If you believe like we do that it's time for a change, then it's time to join the real property revolution.

Complete the form above to receive your personal invitation to the special launch event happening on
Thursday 27th June 2024 at 9:30am sharp.
This is an event not to be missed!

Win More

This unique approach will help you win more business - without having to drop your fees!

Make More

You'll be shocked at how much you're leaving on the table - why not make more money without working harder?

Sell More

Fast-track your deals for happier clients, more referrals and a bigger bank balance!

Remember when moving home took only 6-8 weeks? So do we...

Today's 16-20+ week wait is unacceptable.

Despite all the modern technology - it's become harder than ever to help people move home.

Slow and opaque processes, multiple hurdles and prolonged waiting times have plagued the property market for far too long.

It delays everyone - the home owner from moving home, and the agents and solicitors from getting paid on time.

Frustration, stress and a 1-in-3 fall through rate puts everyone at risk...

A groundbreaking solution is here!
A movement that empowers estate agents and solicitors to be recognised as Superstars of
the Property World...

The British Property Market is rife with apathy and preservation of the status quo which leaves many property professionals
trapped wth inadequate (overpriced) tools.

Innovation is regularly quashed behind-the-scenes to preserve monopolies and keep bloated profit margins intact.

This clandestine approach prevents you from making the money you could make by doing what you love most.

It's time to change all that - but it can't be done without your help!

Now it's your turn to be the change and join the movement - fill out the form above to receive a special invitation to the executive launch event where you can find out how to break free from the shackles and finally profit - without being taken advantage of.

Better still - we'll show you exactly how we'll pay you for using this revolutionary approach 

Join The Revolution


  • Exchange within 6 weeks - whilst doing less work

  • Fairer pricing for the tools you use most - and great value for those you didn't know you needed

  • Better still - we'll pay you for being part of this incredible revolution!

  • Put yourself firmly in a 'category of one' - whilst getting paid more

  • Faster transactions without the stress of chasing progress every week

  • Winning more listing, increasing your fees and getting paid far faster than ever before

  • Full compliance with material information - saving you the headaches

  • Reducing your administrative burden by up to 80%

  • Reduce your fall-through rate to practically zero

  • Freedom to be the property professional you were born to be - without any of the restrictions

  • Happier clients, more referrals, more business and more time off!


  • Estate Agents, solicitors, surveyors and other property professionals who believe in a better way of doing things

  • Industry suppliers (CRM providers, web design & SaaS companies and other complimentary services) who serve estate agents and solicitors, who want to deliver more value to their target market and profit more by working with us

  • Estate and letting agents who want to put Rightmove's profits back in THEIR OWN pockets

  • Those who believe 4-6 week exchange ought to be the norm not the exception

  • Those who want to be better paid for the work they do without having to work harder

  • Those who want to be recognised as being the best of the best in the property world - and paid accordingly

  • Those who want more referrals, happier clients, higher fees, more business and a better work-life balance

  • Those who are sick and tired of portals having their hand in their pocket and trying to encroach on their referral fees.


  • Tyre-kickers and those who want all the hard work done for them

  • Those who are not proud or passionate about their profession and who think change is somebody else's responsibility

  • Those who are stuck in their ways and who refuse to change

  • Those with a hidden agenda or who who want to continue to steal our ideas and then try to pass them off as their own (you know who you are!)

  • Property market "guru's" who sit in their ivory towers all day, who hate innovation, don't want others to succeed, and whose staggering lack of vision helps keep agents and the property market in general stuck in the dark ages

  • "Negative Ninnies" who hate innovation and who are still using fax machines and 'snail mail'

  • Those who are happy paying through the nose for ineffective tools because they falsely believe its a "barrier to entry" to others in the marketplace.

  • **Kindly note - due to the groundbreaking nature of this event we reserve the right to refuse admission if we suspect anyone who registers falls into any of the above categories - our decision in this matter shall be final**

Like Us - You've Heard All The Promises...

If you've been in the property game for more than about 5 minutes, you'll have heard all the marketing promises,

and you'll know they often don't come to much.

Here's the difference - this process has been tested over many months and it's already delivering results to those

who had the good sense to get on board early.

During the launch event, we'll reveal stories of true transformation and how some property professionals are already ahead of the game putting this cutting-edge system into practice for freedom and profit.

So don't miss out - enter your details into the box above and we'll send you an special invitation to our secret launch event
happening very soon.

The Difference Between Winners & Losers...

Let's get real for a moment...

Chances are, you showed up on this page because you're trying to solve some problems in your business. Many register for events like this, then never show up! Would you treat a multi-million pound listing appointment like that...?

The simple Truth is, many agents would get better results if they followed up on their leads, attended events they signed up for and stopped dropping commitments for last-minute viewings or valuations...

Having helped create more than a couple of millionaires in the property world, those who make it do so because they honour their commitments. So put this event time and date in your diary now and make sure you attend live - with your camera on - ready to get the maximum out of it.

To not do so will leave you struggling to solve the same problems a year from now when you could have enjoyed a year of growth and better results in your business. As Einstein said - "the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting a different result!"

Made with ❤️ at The Property Revolution HQ